Member's Comments About The Farm



I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed (and are enjoying) our first fall/winter co-op crop of fruits and veggies. What a wonderful experience for me and my family. Thanks so much and have a great week!
Jen Tibbets


I liked reading the quick story of how you started. I really appreciate how far it's come and all your hard work. I LOVE being a part of Take Root and enjoy the produce so much. I feel good feeding my family local, organic produce. The summer shares were wonderful, especially the white flesh nectarines and the corn. We look forward to the next season of yummies!
Kari Pompeo



Your farm and produce is a blessing to our family. We look forward to Wednesdays so we can come get our box of fresh, delicious fruit and veggies. Thank you for all your hard work!!
The Van Liews


I just wanted to share with you something that came to my mind today. Our Nelson will be three in December and he really knows a lot of different fruits by name, thanks to TRF and the variety we enjoy each week. I have to admit that I often exchange some vegetables for more fruit because Nelson and I just love fresh fruit. I really appreciate our "in-tuneness" with the seasons, e.g. eating the right fruit at the right time of the year.


Just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed our summer share. This is our first time for summer and I will never skip it again. I loved having fresh flowers on my table every week ( and not having to go to the market and pay for them), and fresh herbs in our meals. I tell all my friends about how great it is to be a part of your farm. Thanks for all the hard work I know you do.
Mandy Rawlings


Thank you for all your hard work this summer! Our little boy (whom I was pureeing veggies for only last year!) is now eating all kinds of wonderful healthy veggies and fruits and he's growing like a weed. We love your farm.



I wanted to tell you just how much I enjoy my visits to the farm and the wonderful produce that you provide! This has become the highlight of my week and I always look forward to it. Throughout the week I can "revisit" through the enjoyment of the herbs and flowers in vases in my apartment. Since moving to Washington two years ago and finding Take Root Farm, I am certain that I am living in Paradise.Thank you so very much!


We LOVE your garden and are very thankful to be a part of it, EVERYTHING is EXCELLENT...I feel like I am in the candy store and look forward to picking up my goodies every week.


I grew up in Minnesota, we gardened and the veggies and fruit were so tasteful. Until we found you, I gave up eating the garbage they sell at grocery stores a long time ago, no taste - not worth eating. Now with the quality you provide I am excited to eat veggies and fruit again. We can't thank you enough. Actually sign us up for fall!


I just wanted to let you know that I become more and more appreciative of the CSA that you run every time I look at other farms and CSA's. Last night I attended an 8-course dinner (catered by Cafe Flora in Seattle) on a CSA farm in Carnation, and the place was pretty messy. They also didn't have any flowers or herbs either. It's not the first time that I've seen that at other farms, and I have to say I am so thankful that you run your program the way that you do. My roommate and I have been participating for about a year and a half now and absolutely love it! And honestly, the u-cut things are really what make it all worth while for us. We love the herbs and flowers! So I just wanted to tell you that I very much appreciate your CSA and plan on continuing our subscription for a long time to come.


"We are eating so much more of these foods that I marvel at it, and we have grown accustom to our fruit and veggies really tasting good."
Brenda Marler



"As someone who has not been able to find time to grow my own vegetables for the last two years I am loving this farm! Every week my kids and I look forward to picking up our box and finding new (and sometimes surprising) veggies. I've even been able to convince them to try some of them, including some that were new to us: Kohlrabi, Leeks, and Asian Turnips. And for me, the best part is the fresh herbs and flower bouquets I get to pick and arrange every week! Thank you Jenny and family for all your hard work. We'll definitely be back next season."
Elaine Olson


"We just want to tell you that we are really enjoying the bounty from Take Root Farm. We have been making stir fry with a mixture of many of the vegetables, herbs, onions and coconut oil and it is so full of flavor and beautiful to look at (We love seeing all of the colors mixed together)."


"We are so blessed to have TRF in our backyard! We have been buying organic produce for about 9 years and TRF beats the freshness, flavor and price of all of the stores. We also like supporting the CSA farm. There just isn't a better way. Thank you to you and your family. We really, really appreciate all of the hard work and time you put into the farm. God bless you and keep you."
The Kelty Family



"It's so NICE to wander the field to choose a bouquet of the week, and to pick the perfect herbs for that special recipe, with crickets and swallows chirping, horses grazing and a killer view of Rainier to boot! All the while, surrounded by the veggies my family will be enjoying and beautiful flowers everywhere!"
Janet Lane-Richmond


"I have really enjoyed the vegetables that are new to me, bok-choy,fennel,chard,collard greens,etc…

But evenmore than that, I have enjoyed learning to cook with fresh herbs, and we love it! My greatest delight, however are the wonderful flower bouquets! What a treat!"
Yvonne Riveness


"I love the veggies, but my favorite….the wonderful flowers! Thank you!"
Kathy Jones


"I have loved being able to share the bounty with my friends and neighbors! The other wonderful thing is bringing my kids to enjoy the beauty!"
Laurel Fisher


"We have enjoyed every bite this summer and can only envision more wonderful meals."
Gene and Annie Trobaugh


We really enjoyed the veggies and fruits in our summer share as well as the u-pick area and our "trip to the farm" each week. Plus, it's great to know that we were eating truly organic fresh food and that we learned to like some new-to-us veggies!
Marlys Hoon


"The fresh, fresh veggies, especially the lettuce and tomatoes!"


"Thank you for all the great vegetables. We have been eating better than before. Also, we feel we are saving money, because we don’t eat out as often as we had been."
Claudia and Art Graham



Just wanted to let you know how valuable your weekly letters are. They are always full of useful tips and interesting information. I particularly appreciated the info about how to store the different kinds of vegetables and fruits.




Not only do the non-organic foods taste horrible now, but the grocery organic produce isn’t as good. Either it is the freshness or overall quality.


I have enjoyed the farm and your tender loving care of the vegetables. They make me feel good when I bring them home and even better when we eat them.


We love the farm. You are well organized so that I can grab my box and go. You have thoughtfully planned the you pick area so I can "hang-out" and enjoy the farm.



What a great job you are doing in selecting the vegetables and fruit. I get excited every week to see what you ordered. And then I plan my menus for the week. And it has all tasted great.


I'm hooked now, Jen! I can't imagine going back to regular produce. Thanks for all you do!


Your food is fresh and organic and that’s very important to me. The stores organic food is so old. This farm came as a blessing to our family. Our whole family is learning to be healthier. I also love trying new things I would have never bought myself. This is exciting, I look forward to picking up my box each week.
Laurie Clapp


My husband Mike is a VERY picky Apple eater.  It's very hard to get apples that he likes - the right taste, the right crunch, the right smell, the right color, you name it, the whole package.  Mike gave you a huge compliment yesterday, he said "Brenda, those apples from The Farm are really good - they actually taste like apples!"  That's a huge compliment!


Jan and I have enjoyed our spring share veggies and fruit.  We are finding that a half share is just the right amount for us.  What we particularly like is being able to trade, because sometimes we have been slow to eat our lettuce and carrots and it has been more practical to swap these veggies for something else.  We appreciate being able to do this.

We are both looking forward to the summer shares, the flowers and the herbs and freebies.


Hi Jen and family –
Thanks for all your hard work that allows us to enjoy organic produce every week!  Your organization and attention to detail is evident in your newsletters, the “look” of the farm, and the pick-up area.  I’m enjoying trying new recipes with unfamiliar (to me!) veggies, thanks to your website recipe file.  I look forward to Wednesday’s!
With gratefulness,


Thanks so much for all of your delicious veggies and family can't wait to get our box of yummy food each Wednesday. I think it's wonderful not only what you're doing for other families by providing delicious organic food, but also what you're doing for the environment. I'm so happy that we are members!
Ami Anderson


I want to thank you for educating me on the way I view fruits and vegetables.

I used to stop at the store after work and buy chips and pop as a snack.  Because of your influence I’m still stopping at the store but now I’m buying a plum or a nectarine.  In my whole life I’ve never had much interest in fresh produce but now I’m eating it and loving it, and then looking forward to new (to me) fruits and vegetables you send home with me every week.
Joel Camp



John and I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of the farm. I look forward to every Wednesday when I get to come out to the farm. I love peeking inside the huge box of fresh, beautiful produce, and I really enjoy spending time wandering through the herbs and flowers, picking what I like for the week. I love to cook, and it's been so fun to incorporate new vegetables into menus, and try new flavors. We've never felt in a rut this summer because of all the great food coming in every week. We are very careful about keeping preservatives and other 'junk' out of our bodies, so we've really appreciated that everything from the farm is organic. I feel that there is great care put into everything you grow, and it makes the produce that much more valuable. Because of this, we have wasted very little food this summer. I've noticed we've been eating healthier, spending less money, and wasting less food, which is great! I really like cooking with herbs, and it is awesome to have a great variety of fresh herbs each week to choose from.
I've put away more food than normal this year, all because of the share. Our freezer is well stocked with bags of blanched green and romano beans, corn, pesto, and squash ravioli, all from produce from the farm. I'm anxious for this winter, when we're having a cold spell, to open the freezer and cook a meal that brings back the height of summer.
A friend at work also belongs to a CSA in the area, and our experiences are much different. I really appreciate your entire process at the farm. I love having the boxes already filled, and the option to exchange produce when we need to, but having the bulk of the produce already designated to everyone through the boxes helps ensure that everyone gets their share.
There is so much produce in our box each week, that the only things I buy in a regular store are mushrooms and pantry items. I haven't bought produce from a store for several months now, and going into a regular grocery store is mind-boggling. Our produce from the farm is prettier, fresher, and more flavorful than the produce I used to buy at grocery stores. I also love feeling connected to the whole process of farming. Small things, like using all parts of the beets (not only the beets, but also the greens) have made a big impact - we have a greater understanding and appreciation for where our food is coming from, and are eating it in a more natural state. It's also nice to wander the fields and see what crops are coming up, and watching for the newsletters to see what new produce will be in our boxes in a given week.
I can't tell you how much we've enjoyed this experience, and what a big impact your farm has had on both of us. I can't imagine going back to grocery store produce. We'll definitely be ongoing customers! 
Laura and John Six


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