Frequently Asked Questions

What is a C.S.A.?

Take Root Farm C.S.A. stands for Community Supported Agriculture. This is a direct relationship between the farmer who grows organic vegetables and members of the community who want to support that farmer in his or her agricultural efforts, and who want to enjoy eating the freshest most nourishing produce available. When you purchase a Summer Season share of TRF, you will receive 20 weeks of the freshest local farm produce available.

Why join a C.S.A.?

  • As a member you will be directly supporting your local organic farm.
  • Support sustainable natural agricultural practices that produce food in a way that protects our environment.
  • Know who is growing your food and that it is being grown with your health and well being in mind and not just for looks or shipping ability.
  • Get fresher, healthier, tastier produce that is often picked just hours before you receive it, at prices less than retail stores.
  • A way to invest in yourself, your family, your environment, and your community.
  • Those without time, aptitude, or availability of land to garden can come to "their" farm, feel and smell the earth and their "root" connection to life.
  • By joining Take Root Farm, you will be supporting farmers who are committed to growing healthy food that's in harmony with nature and each other.

Why Organic?

Our Grandparents ate produce that had considerably more nutrients than what is found in fruit and vegetables today. The use of synthetic fertilizers, selective plant breeding and genetically modified organisms are to blame. Agribusiness has put the focus on creating larger yields, “super sizing” our produce, while ignoring nutrient content. Some of our produce today doesn’t even taste like it once did.

Most people think of “organic” in terms of the chemicals they lack, but what they contain makes them even more valuable. Get the most out of your food, eat organic!

How do I learn about genetically modified organisms and the future of our food?

We've identified some great resources to help answer questions like this one. Please feel free to take a moment to visit the following websites:

How do you handle surpluses and crop failures?

We schedule our plantings of a variety of vegetables to anticipate a balanced harvest each week. Since there are so many variables in nature, surpluses and deficits of particular crops are possible. If you get too much of something, we hope you will preserve it or share it with others. In the event of a crop failure, both producers and consumers share in the risk together.

How does a typical Summer Season share work?

People become members by purchasing a share of the coming harvest. In return, the farmer provides members with a weekly allotment of fresh, seasonal produce. Since the farmer has pre-sold the season’s harvest, he or she can purchase seeds, equipment, and supplies necessary to begin growing for the year. It also allows the farmer to provide a greater variety of produce choosing for flavor, color, and nutrient content.

What can I expect at TRF during the summer?

Each week members will find a pre-picked box of fresh produce waiting for them. In addition to this we also have free herbs, flowers and greens available in our u-pick areas. Members enjoy picking a bouquet of flowers and some fresh herbs and greens to take home along with their vegetables. U-pick items change with the seasons. Flowers are usually ready late July and stay through October or until a hard freeze.

What if I'm unable to pick up my share for a week?

It's a great time to give your share to a family member, friend or co-worker. During TRF's Organic Produce Co-op you may opt-out for that week by giving at least three days notice. Upon receiving notice, I will credit your account for the missed week. You may opt-out up to two times per season.

What are the pick up days?

During the summer season members can choose either a Wednesday or a Friday to pick up their produce. We ask that members always pick up on the same day each week all season. On occasion members can switch days if they give at least three days notice. Hours for pick up on either day is 2pm until 7pm.

During TRF's Organic Produce Co-op, pick up day is Wednesday from 2pm until 6pm. I will also open up on Thursday from 9am until 6pm in case a member needs to pick up then. NOTE: Members who need to come later can contact us for special pick up instructions.

What do I do if I forget to pick up my box?

Members can contact me (e-mail works best) before the eve of the following day after the missed pick-up day to make arrangements for pick-up. All boxes left the 2nd morning after pick-up day will be donated to the local food bank.

How much does each box weigh?

We do not use weight as the method of determining the value of our boxes. Instead they are based on the retail value of the produce inside the box each week. Therefore the weight of the box will vary from week to week. Our prices and selection of produce are much better than what you can find in area stores.

Can I exchange produce in my box?

Yes. Each week there will be a list posted of what is inside your box. By glancing at this you can easily determine if you want to exchange something in your box for something else. Details about this are posted in our pick-up area.

Can I buy more of something when I pick up my box?

Yes. We understand that there are times when you may have company over or you particularly like a certain item and you may desire more of it for that week. We have a shelf with items available to purchase. Details about this are posted in the pick-up area.

Where does the produce come from in the winter?

We will always buy from other local growers when possible. When it is not possible we buy from other certified organic suppliers. We like to keep a nice variety of produce in our boxes from week to week and therefore do not only rely on what can be grown locally. Everything we bring in is quality certified organic produce.

Have more questions? Contact TRF.

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