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The 2023 Tomato Plant Season

If you love growing your own tomatoes then Take Root Farm is the place to buy your plants!

One happy customer writes... "I have never purchased plants as healthy and awesome as yours." - Heather

This year marks our 18th year selling tomato plants and we are planning to grow 1,500 tomato plants. How we continue to grow our operation is by word of mouth, so tell your tomato loving friends, neighbors and co-workers about us!

All plants get a good start in organic potting soil with organic fertilizer! Plants are gallon sized and sell for $7.75 each (tax included).

Purchase Plants At The Farm

New for 2023, we are selling directly from the greenhouse in mid-May (pre-ordering is no longer available). So, mark your calendar for the first two Saturdays and the second Wednesday in May. Additional sale dates will be added if needed.

Prepare your order ahead:

  • Plant sale dates are May 6 and May 13 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and May 10 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Pro-tip! Click a date to download your personal calendar reminder.
  • Read about the tomato plant varieties we offer and make your list.
  • All plants will be sold first come first serve.
  • In addition to tomoatoes, we will have a limited supply of peppers; bell, jalepeño, serrano, and banana as well as a couple herb starts; basil and cilantro. If space allows, we may also have kale and lettuce starts.
  • Payment options; cash, checks, and Venmo at the time of purchase.
  • Remember to tell your friends by sharing this page on Facebook or by sending them an email .

Help Your Tomatoes Reach Their Full Potential This Season!

Green organic splash with leaf

Your tomatoes have an organic, healthy, and nutritious start. Give them the nourishment then need to finish right. Organic potting soil and organic fertilizer will be available for sale when you pick up your plants.

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Tomato Plant Varieties

  • Big Beef
    Colossal fruit size and yield with old fashioned, rich flavor. Great choice for virtually any climate. Good disease resistance. Smooth fruits are globe shaped weighing 9 to 16 oz.
  • Early Girl
    Tasty, full-sized fruits early in the season. Meaty, ripe, red fruits 4 to 6 oz. are slightly fattened and crimson throughout. Very appealing with firm texture and blemish resistant skin. Heavy yield on hardy vines.
  • Early Goliath
    Superb size, perfect shape, continuous production, luscious flavor. Extra large harvests of big 8oz. fruit. 58 days. Deep red, tasty, large fruits. Disease resistant. Good early season producer.
  • Giant
    Finally, we have found a large tomato that tastes delicious even when the summer is cool. This tomato serves up a dark red interior that is juicy and meaty with low acid. A compact vine set lots of jumbo early fruit that were quick to mature, and outweighed Big Beef. 65 days.
  • Siletz
    The best combination of extreme earliness and big, slicer type fruits. Matures in 52 days! Big, deep red 8 to 10 oz. fruits that are tasty and nearly seedless.
  • Sunny Boy
    70 days. High yields of citrus yellow, 8 to 12 oz beefsteaks that are globe shaped and mild flavored. Firm enough for colorful slices for sandwiches and bright enough to near luminosity to any salad!

Bush Varieties

Take Root Farm
Bush varieties work great for container gardening!
  • Bush Champion
    Great choice for small space gardens and containers. Compact plants grow just 24’ tall, producing extra heavy yields of big 8 to 12 oz. fruits with excellent flavor.
  • Bush Early Girl
    This "determinate sister" to popular Early Girl delivers the same desirable qualities in a compact, patio sized variety. Extreme earliness and huge yields of firm, meaty, flavorful fruits.

Heirloom Hybrids

  • Cherokee Carbon
    Yields more and matures earlier (78 days) like a hybrid with the unbeatable flavor of an heirloom! A robust purple beefsteak with intensely rich flavor. Big 10 to 12 oz. fruits with a sweet taste.
  • Genuwine
    Great for the northwest. Early maturing (72 days), big yields and exceptional flavor! Combines the legendary sweet flavor of Brandywine with the gigantic yields of the Italian heirloom Costoluto Genovese. Beautiful, smooth, slightly ribbed, bright red fruit!


  • Ananas Noire
    85 days. Also known as black pineapple with a distinctive striped interior of pink, red, green and yellow. Produce an abundance of large dark purple fruits averaging up to 16 to 24 oz. Complex hearty tomato taste that’s both sweet and rich, with smoky and acidic undertones. Makes great tomato sauce!
  • Brandy Wine
    An Amish Heirloom that dates back to 1885 and considered to be among the worlds best flavored tomatoes! Plants look like potato vines with good yield of extra-large fruits.
  • German Johnson
    75 days. Vigorous, high yielding Brandywine type. Fruits have lots of deep, acidic tomato flavor and a rich creamy texture. This is a regular leaf stain which is earlier and more productive that the potato leaf strain.
  • NEW! Giant Oxheart
    90 days. Thick flesh and few seeds. Mild, sweet, old timey flavor. Fruits are deep rase pink, firm, meaty and heart shaped. Variously yields 12oz to 2lb fruits. High yields!
  • Green Zebra
    72 days. Delicious, tangy salad tomato. Ripe just as the green fruit develops a yellow blush, accentuating the darker green stripes. The 3-4 inch fruits are perfect for slicing into wedges. Productive over a long season.
  • NEW! Mr. Stripey
    80 days. Favorite bi-colored Heirloom. Large, mild, sweet, red and yellow striped, meaty, firm fruits.
  • Mortgage Lifter
    80 days. This famous classic has large, meaty, smooth, globe shaped, rosy pink fruits. Unusual, mildly sweet flavor.
Take Root Farm
Cherry varieties make a great snack!

Cherry Varieties

  • Esterina
    Esterina floored us in our trials with its uniquely rich, full, and robust flavor evocative of sweet molasses. The slightly elongated, 1 1/4 inch, golden yellow cherry tomatoes set early in beautiful trusses. Esterina's huge, continuous tomato production will enliven your salads, or enjoy just-off-the-plant snacking all summer long! Vigorous, indeterminate plants. TMV, V. 60 days.
  • Husky Cherry
    This one is great for container gardening! Season-long production of outstanding fruits 1 inch size and featuring excellent flavor. It's dwarf growing habit and quality production make it a perfect choice for small spaces and container gardening.
  • Jelly Bean
    Grape-like fruits aptly named for their bite-sized sweetness and intense red color. Heavy clusters of up to 30 fruits each mature early on plants that have good disease resistance.
  • Sungold
    A favorite of TRF members. These bite size golden beauties have that "oh so sweet" fresh from the vine flavor. Heavy producer.
  • SunSugar
    Another TRF favorite. The ultimate in cherry tomatoes, this golden yellow beauty achieves a new level of sugary sweetness and flavor, superb texture and a tangy "true tomato" taste. These 1/2 oz. fruits possess thin skins- remarkable, considering it's wonderful crack resistance, even in heavy rains. Heavy, early cropper.
  • Super Sweet 100
    This well known cherry tomato produces long strands of super sweet fruits that weigh about 1oz. each. Extra high in vitamin C. Plants continue to bear fruit throughout the season.


  • La Roma lll
    76 days. Determinate. Classic Italian Roma with better uniformity and vigor. High yields of 5 to 8 oz fruits. Superb disease resistance. Ideal for pastas and sauces!
  • San Marzano
    Long, blocky fruits with only a small seed cavity making it easy to remove seeds leaving meat. Less boiling/first class paste. Excellent choice for canning or drying. 80 days.

Campari Type

  • Mountain Magic
    Produces big tresses of up to a dozen perfectly uniform, 13/4 inch fruit that are deliciuosly tropical tasting with low acid. Disease resistant.


  • Super Toma Verde Tomatillo
    Heavy-early yields. Great choice for Salsa Verde as larger 3-6 oz fruits are easier to process.

Hanging Baskets

  • Terenzo
    Perfect for hanging baskets and containers! A nice 16 to 20 inch bush variety. Thrives without a lot of attention. Juicy red cherry fruits averaging 1 and 1/4 inch across and just under 1 oz. Compact plants are trailing but tidy. Fruits resist cracking even in direct sun for near perfect yields all summer long.


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